Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Feb. 18

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Feb. 18:

An Iraqi scientist who was once chief adviser to that nation's atomic energy commission says that not only does Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction, he'd use them on the Iraqi people without a moment's hesitation
• Retired Col. Terence Taylor, U.K. Army

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld catalogues five pages worth of worst-case scenarios, detailing anything that could go wrong in a war with Iraq
• Retired Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely

Police search the home of missing Modesto, Calif. woman Laci Peterson. Investigators say Laci's husband Scott was taken in for questioning and is not being allowed back into the house during the search
• Rod Wheeler, former D.C. homicide detective

It's a medical mistake with potentially fatal consequences. A 17-year-old girl gets an organ transplant from a donor with the wrong blood type. How could something like this have happened?
• Dr. Lewis Teperman, director of transplantation surgery at NYU Medical Center

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