Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Feb. 18

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Feb. 18:

The Iraqi opposition says Saddam Hussein is clamping down on his own people because he is afraid of a coup. Is there still a chance we will see a regime change without firing a shot?
Sharif Ali bin al Hussein of the Iraqi National Congress 

The smart money is obviously on our guys when it comes to a fight against Iraq, but this is still war we're talking about and there are risks involved
• Retired Army Gen. William Nash

Diplomatic differences between the so-called old and new Europe with respect to Iraq are putting a strain on relations
Steven Everts of the Centre for European Reform 
Police investigating Laci Peterson's disappearance search her house and drive away with her husband's truck
• Det. Doug Ritenour of the Modesto, Calif. police force

The unpredictable Mike Tyson cancels Saturday's fight, only to cancel that idea and go ahead with the match. Plus he's gotten a tattoo on his face. So what's up with Iron Mike?
Teddy Atlas, former Tyson trainer

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