Topics and Guests for February 17

A severe winter storm was still tearing through the Northeast Monday after whomping the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, dumping 2 feet of snow, closing airports and causing at least a dozen deaths.

How will oil and fuel prices be impacted by the winter blast? We'll have complete coverage.

As temperatures head south, will your stocks head north? Dagen McDowell, FOX News business analyst, and Gary Kaltbaum, senior market technician at Investor's Edge Partners, join the debate.

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge says the terror threat will likely be lowered soon. But Mansoor Ijaz, FOX News foreign affairs analyst, sees complications with that decision.

German Chancelor Gerhardt Schroeder's approval ratings are low and the German economy is in the toilet. So why are Germans following Schroeder's lead on the Iraq situation? We'll ask Manfred Behrens, German journalist with West Deutscher Rundfunk.

Plus, how are the nation's bravest dealing with the nation's heightened terror alert? Neil hosts a roundtable with William Bamattre, Los Angeles fire chief; David Washington, Las Vegas fire chief; Charlie Walker, Orlando fire chief and Harold Hairston, Philadelphia fire commissioner.

We'll have those stories and more, today on Your World w/Cavuto!

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