Topics and Guests for February 17

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Topics and Guests for February 17:

The Bush administration is mulling its next move in the showdown with Saddam Hussein, including a possible attempt to push a new United Nations resolution authorizing force against Iraq.
Paul A. Weaver, director of air national guard  

We’ll talk to some American Idol finalist…
Kimberly Locke, finalist
Ruben Studdard, finalist

The Jungle Book 2
Haley Joel Osment, actor

High Alert: How bad is the threat to America?
William Kinane, former FBI supervisor of counterterrorism and counterintelligence

New bin Laden audio tape…
Mike Baker, former CIA covert operations officer

What is bin Laden message. How does the intelligence community respond?
Timothy Lomperis, military intelligence officer

Race for the resolution-pros & cons…
Ambassador Marc Ginsberg former ambassador to Morocco

Council on American-Islamic relations keeps of a year long' campaign to combat what they say is the raising tide of anti-Muslim rhetoric.
Ibrahim Hooper, council on American-Islamic relations
Walid Phares, Florida Atlantic University Middle East professor

How bad is the increased terror threat?
John Parachini, terrorism analyst at Rand Corporation

Tools of terror: Police have been warned to be on the lookout for dangerous chemicals and poisons like Sarin gas and cyanide.
Steve Pomerantz, former assistant FBI director

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change