Iraq's 23 Million Hostages

Hang on to your hats boys and girls, this war is going to get ugly and here's how: the U.S. and the coalition of the willing are going to make war on Saddam Hussein and his band of henchmen... and then Hussein is going to make war on his own people.

It's his way of trying to make George W. Bush look like a barbarian in the eyes of the world. It's the one thing about which the president probably can't do anything, except not go to war at all — which is, day by day, an ever-shrinking option.

In fact, Hussein is holding hostages to prevent a war, and the hostages are Iraq's 23 million citizens.

Hussin is going to blow his own oil fields. He's going to put his own people in harm's way. He may even turn his own guns on their homes and neighborhoods.

Why? Because the world will see the carnage and blame President Bush.

When war comes, mistakes do occur. I'm not saying there won't be instances where Iraqis are mistakenly hit by U.S. bombs, but it isn't the U.S. which is planning to put Iraqi women and children in buildings that are military targets, or put military targets inside or next to schools, mosques and hospitals.

Hussein is doing that because it might be the only way to stop a war short once it has begun. And by the way, nobody is protesting this stuff.

Is there a march scheduled for Saturday against Iraq for placing its own citizens in harm's way? No, there is not.

It's just another way the so-called peace activists give Hussein a pass.

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