Guests and Topics: February 17

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The Bush administration is mulling its next move in the showdown with Saddam Hussein, including a possible attempt to push a new United Nations resolution authorizing force against Iraq.

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said Sunday it was becoming more obvious that the Iraqi president would not disarm voluntarily, and that the U.N. Security Council was letting him get away with it.

"The Security Council has to be an instrument of peace, but it has to be an instrument of peace that has teeth, or it is never going to be able to deal with the myriad difficult actors out there in international politics who intend to disturb that peace," Rice said. Michael Reagan, radio talk show host weighs in.

This weekend’s protests against a possible U.S.-led attack on Iraq drew more than one million demonstrators in Rome and tens to hundreds of thousands in other cities around the world. In New York, demonstrators poured into the streets north of the United Nation's headquarters, filling in police-barricaded zones in an area more than 20 blocks long and two blocks wide as singers and actors energized the banner-waving crowd. NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said about 100,000 people were in the crowd. Steven Zunes, anti-war protestor, joins the debate...

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