Topics and Guests for February 14

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Chief United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei tell the United Nations Security Council that Iraq needs to show what happened to weapons that have "not accounted for."

Afterward, Secretary of State Colin Powell reminded council members that "what we need is immediate, active, unconditional, full cooperation on the part of Iraq. What we need is for Iraq to disarm."

Powell said recent moves by Iraq have been designed to appear helpful to inspectors and in compliance with disarmament demands. But he dismissed those measures as "tricks that are being played on us."

Plus, France says it will not back a war resolution in the Security Council.

We'll have a LIVE report from the United Nations this evening and then for analysis of the day's developments we'll turn to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Then, we'll assess the reaction around the world to the reports delivered by Blix and ElBaradei when we convene our journalists roundtable.

Also, President Bush has a lot on his plate right now. How should the White House handle today's U.N. reports? We'll ask former presidential advisor David Gergen.

And, a lot of Americans have been feeling anxious this week as warnings about possible terror attacks have led to a run on duct tape and plastic sheeting around the country. As we try to prepare for more attacks, could Al Qaeda members already be in the United States? We'll have a special report for you.

Additionally, we'll look at the use of "human shieds" by Saddam Hussein in the 1990s. Will the Iraqi leader use them again if his country is attacked?

Finally, so sue me! Could there be litigation over a possible war with Iraq? We'll explain tonight.

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