Looking for Love in Cyberspace

Last December, over 26 million people turned to the World Wide Web for help in finding their soul mate, but do Internet dating sites really work?

The Pulse wanted to find out, so we followed three people looking for love online to see if their expectations were met. For two of our subjects, cupid arrived just in time for a 2003 Valentine date!

Here's what else we learned about romance in cyberspace:

• Tips

Leslie Karsner of Udate.com:

"I always coach our members to fill out their profile completely and honestly. Without a doubt, post a photo. It's also important to have an inviting screen name. Be light and humorous. Don't be real heavy in your communications initially. It's about attracting people to you."

When you're on your date:

"You wanna take the same precautionary measures that you would take with any dating situation... having your cell phone, letting someone know where youre going to be meeting." 

• Who's on the Web Dating Circuit?

Time to get busy, ladies! More than 50 percent of visitors to online dating sites are men!

• Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

Of the three sites our subjects used, Udate.com reported six marriages per month; Eharmony.com reported 20; and Match.com over 75.

• Say What? 

We asked a random group of people what they thought about dating Web sites. Here's what they had to say...

It's a good way to meet other single people that you know that are single. 

They're for losers. 

It's a better way to meet someone without putting your whole self out there.

I'd be so scared if somebody saw me. I don't know. What if somebody I knew lsaw me on it on the Internet? I don't know.

I think people just use dating services to try to hook up. It's more of a physical thing.

A good idea. For people that are single and want to find their their soul mate.  
Juan Pablo