Calling Kuwait: Your Questions

Calling Kuwait: Your questions

A sample of your responses:

Excellent job. As a veteran I am proud of what our soldiers are doing for us, Brian's candor and familiar humor helps us all see our troops in the favorable light these heroes deserve. Not through the stereotypical leftover, blame- America- first light so many other correspondents want to project.Fox,Brian and the producers and crew in Kuwait GREAT JOB EVERYBODY! I'm proud to be an American and more of Brian. I think he should get an award.  
Andy C.
Vanceboro, NC

I am speechless. Brian Kilmeade in Kuwait is the best thing I've seen on TV in many, many years. Thank you, FOXNEWS, for continuing to be the voice of the American people and for being unafraid to stand apart from the rest of the so-called journalists on other channels.
Lynn P.
Charlotte, NC

I don't get a chance to watch much early in the morning,but I was so glad to see the segments with Brian Kilmeade in Kuwait this morning. What a great perspective! Please keep up the great reporting. As a former military spouse,and one who worked for the Department of Defense in their child care center for the Navy at Coronado, California from 1990-97, I can tell you that being able to see the spouse,father or mother like that (on TV,alive and well)is a comfort to the family.
Kelli H.
Birmingham, AL

I really enjoyed watching your show this morning on Kuwait. Unfortunately I had to go to work and could not watch all of it so I am recording. I have a son at Camp New York. His name is Staff Sergeant James Kosters. I was hoping to be able to see him, but unfortunately did not. Keep up the good job on keeping us informed of what is going on over there.
Janet K.
Mobridge, SD

I don't usually start my morning in tears... but I did this morning as I watched your program between 7:00 & 8:00 (my usual routine with my coffee)!  Brian's report with the service men, and especially the man who got to speak with his children, really touched my heart.  So I thought I would write and say "Thanks Brian, for being over there" and BRAVO to all our men and women in the armed forces.

We would like to say that BRIAN is doing an outstanding job with the troops on the front where they are waiting for orders to go to battle. KEEP IT UP BRIAN and we will be watching you and pray for your safety and the safety of our troops.
Tucker and Jean L.
Knoxville, TN

Great to see the guys overseas.  Brings tears of joy,  and pangs of fear.  Don't want a war;  wars solve nothing; wars are death and destruction for both sides.  But the GI's are there doing their jobs,  whether we like why or not, we support them.  Prayers are with them all.  God keep them safe.
Aketa S.
Limekiln, PA

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