Topics and Guests for February 13

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Topics and Guests for February 13:

A British-based Islamic news agency said Thursday it has a new audio recording of Usama bin Laden in which he predicts he will die as "a martyr" this year in an attack against his enemies.
Walid Phares, Florida Atlantic University terrorism specialist

An Iraqi exile who was jailed and tortured by Saddam's police says he will sneak back into his homeland to join others In the fight against Saddam if the U.S. strikes Iraq.
Adnan Alzurufi, Iraqi exile who was tortured by Saddam's police


So Michael Jackson, according to the New York Post, has sold his rebuttal video to Fox TV. It includes about five minutes of cobbled-together video of interviewer Martin Bashir kissing up to Jackson to get a better story.
Frank H. Lieberman, publicist for Siegfried and Roy

Are there sleeper cells in the U.S.?
Robert Baer, former CIA case officer

Target Iraq: Who are America's allies?
Amb. Michael Thawley, Australia's ambassador to the United States

Powell's U.N. speech wasn't enough to convince France and Germany to support the American position on Iraq. Are the European powers going to be upstaged by smaller European nations who are stepping up to the plate?
Martin Wagner, German public radio
Kim Lassen, Danish broadcasting correspondent

The Bachelorette aired last night on ABC…
Cynthia Sanz, senior editor of People magazine
Nery Ynclan,   Miami Herald entertainment beat reporter

More on the case against Iraq and the increased terrorism alert.
Sen. John Sununu, R-NH
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA

High terror threat: How can Muslim Americans help hunt down terrorists?
Jamaluddin Hoffman, executive director for the Islamic Supreme Council

Human rights groups have condemned Saddam Hussein's brutal human rights record.
Tom Malinowski, DC advocacy directory of Human Rights Watch
Azzam Alwash, Iraqi exile

NATO will act by Saturday on request to start planning for Turkey's defense in case of a war against neighboring Iraq, German Defense Minister Peter Struck told parliament Thursday. Struck's statement signaled an end to a standoff in which Germany, France and Belgium have held out against the U.S.-backed request to send AWACS surveillance planes, Patriot missiles and biochemical units to Turkey.
Rep. Peter king, R-NY
Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA

The Bachelorette
Trista Rehn, The Bachelorette

CIA: Al Qaeda may strike as early as this week.
Mike Baker, former CIA covert operations officer

Robert Chambers will be released on Friday...
Linda Fairstein, former assistant Manhattan DA who prosecuted Robert Chambers, author of The Bone Vault

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change