Topics and Guests, February 13

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

President Bush has some harsh words for Saddam Hussein and regimes that seek and possess nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Also, we have the latest on Secretary of State Colin Powell and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the Hill.

Guest preview: Economist Allen Sinai joins us to discuss the economy and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's testimony this week.


• Citizens nationwide are stocking up on supplies and taking terror precautions after an audio tape attributed to Usama bin Laden urges Muslims to stage homicide attacks against Americans.

• The White House refuses to release internal Justice Department memos written by one of President Bush's nominees to an important appeals court, setting up a partisan showdown over Miguel Estrada.

• NATO cancels an emergency meeting to discuss its bitter standoff split over Iraq after Germany insists any breakthrough would have to wait until a key United Nations meeting Friday.

• The United States says it would not call for punishing U.N. sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear program, a move Pyongyang had said would be an act of war.

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