Kilmeade in Kuwait

Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade went to Camp New York and Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait to meet the U.S. troops stationed there.  He talked to them about preparing for battle, missing their families and living in the shadow of Saddam.  Watch Brian's series of reports:


February 14, 2003

In Camp Pennsylvania, troops show Brian how to suit up against chemical agents. Report 1

Troops go to the dentist and the sock monkey gets some airtime. Report 2

The stage is set for "G.I. Idol". Report 3

Kids quiz the troops; tent decor without Martha; the women in uniform. Report 4

A soldier reinlists for another 3 years. Report 5

A new father gets to see his twins for the first time; "G.I. Idol" winner. Report 6

Brian bids a farewell to the troops. Report 7

February 13, 2003 —

Brian 1st introduction to urban warfare. Report 1

The G.I. Bachelor competition. Report 2

Class two on urban warfare. Report 3

Company cheer for Mancow. Report 4

Night exercises near the borders of Iraq. Report 5

More Training for Brian. Report 6

Joe Military. Report 7

February 12, 2003 —

Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4, Report 5, Report 6, Report 7