Guests and Topics: February 13

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France and Germany's opposition to military force against Iraq is creating a diversion that further prevents Saddam Hussein from complying with U.N. demands for disarmament, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday.

Powell, who announced Wednesday that he intends to ask France and Germany on Friday whether they are opposing war with Iraq to get Saddam "off the hook," told members of the House Budget Committee that the United Nations is approaching the time when they can't ignore what Iraq has been doing in the past few months. Is war with Iraq inevitable?
Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla

Six members of Congress have joined forces with three U.S. soldiers and their families in filing a lawsuit to keep President Bush to keep from going to war against Iraq. The suit claims that the president needs a declaration of war from Congress, and that last fall's use of force resolution just doesn't cut it. But could the court stop a war?
John Bonifaz, suing Bush to prevent a war with Iraq

The world will be listening as Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix reports to the U.N. about his most recent findings in Iraq. What he says may trigger the decision to go to war. What can we expect?
Khidir Hamza, former Iraqi nuclear scientist

Should celebrities use their status as a public platform to protest the possibility of war with Iraq?
Bruce Shapiro, The Nation
Ann Coulter, author of Slander

How do pathologists and forensic experts make sense of the complicated scientific evidence used to catch so many criminals?
Dr. Michael Baden, forensic pathologist

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