European Allies Stand Together Against U.S.

They're dancing in the streets of Paris and Berlin.

The French and the Germans have said "no" to a U.S. attack on Iraq, managing to bring the waffling Hans Blix along on their campaign to make 200,000 American service people sit out the summer in the Kuwaiti desert until September.

Secretary of State Colin Powell keeps asking the questions nobody wants to answer, and since they don't want to answer — Iraq gets a pass.

Where is the nerve gas? Where is the anthrax? Where is the mustard gas? Where is the botulinum toxin? Where are the missiles?

Do the French believe Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz when he says, "We dumped that stuff in the desert years ago"?

Nobody can believe that yarn.

The opposition to war is more devious than that. This is all about blocking the U.S., making our soldiers uncomfortable or disadvantaged when they do go to war. This is about standing up to America, not standing up to Saddam Hussein.

Will the president show real fortitude and bomb 42nd Street as well as Baghdad? No. He'll let the U.N. weasels off the hook, and go ahead without them. Then they will harrumph, cluck their tongues, proclaim that America is fighting illegally and that it is America that is a rogue nation, not Iraq.

The French, the Germans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Belgians... they are all going to frolick in their anti-Americanism like kids in a shallow, little mud hole.

If you go to Europe on vacation, people are either going to sneer or snicker at you, berating you in a language you don't understand.

Just remember... there are certain ways of communicating which cross all language barriers. Even the French understand certain gestures.

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