Daredevil, Jungle Book 2 and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Daredevil, Jungle Book 2 and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days in The Foxlight.

Ben has a new Jen. It's Alias' Jennifer Garner and she's got him jumping through more than hoops in Daredevil. Affleck is a blind Marvel superhero who's a lawyer by day. (He actually says "Justice is blind."). And he's a masked vigilante by night. It's all silly and over quickly. The most wasted actor in the film is Colin Farrell as Bullseye. But there are some great special effects, including a water fight at the end. It's the perfect Valentine's Day movie -- if you're trying to break up with someone.

Next, what took them so long to make Jungle Book 2? The first one came out in 1967, and the way Disney cranks out sequels it's amazing this has been on the "to do" list for so long. My daughter has worn the first one and two VCRs out. They're still in the Jungle and Haley Joel Osment is learning these voice-overs make a lot more career sense than Pay It Forward. That's him as Mowgli.

Finally, will anything beat Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days? Yes. To a pulp, please. Daredevil is going to be huge, even if he does jump around New York just like Spider-man.