Jackson Unmasked

A Los Angeles plastic surgeon says Michael Jackson has had "well over" 50 operations on his alarming face - although Jacko will admit to only a couple of nose jobs.

Dr. Wallace Goodstein, who shared a practice with Jacko's primary plastic surgeon, tells NBC's "Dateline," in a report airing Monday that he believes the pop star has remade his face through a horrific number of operations.

Goodstein's claim is part of Michael Jackson Unmasked, a one-hour Dateline special that follows in the wake of Martin Bashir's documentary Living with Michael Jackson.

Bashir's documentary grabbed 27 million viewers last week on ABC -- and offered a disturbing look at Jacko's bizarre private life.

Unmasked will also feature an exclusive interview with Bill Dworin, who investigated allegations back in 1993 that Jacko had molested a young boy. Jackson was never charged but paid the boy a reported $20 million in an out-of-court settlement.

Dworin, a retired LAPD detective, will reveal details of what cops found in Jacko's home during that investigation -- and tells Dateline he believes Jacko might still be a threat to young children.

"We'll deal with [Jackson's] plastic surgery and will also deal with other things, like his finances, his friendships and his family to some degree," said Dateline executive producer David Corvo.

"Why has his look changed so much? In a funny way, you can almost parallel the changes in his look to the changes in his fortunes," Corvo said.

"We're not going to be judgmental -- just reportorial."