Guests and Topics: February 12

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

Michael Jackson fires back... The King of Pop has taped a rebuttal to the ABC News/Martin Bashir interview that aired last week. But as the controversy over allegations of child sexual abuse by the singer continue to escalate what is the status of investigations into the possible abuse? Why are these things so shrouded in secrecy? And, why haven't we heard anything more about a possible investigation of Whitney Houston? We'll have a report.

Then, speaking of secrecy, what's really going on with NATO? Is the Alliance coming apart or are we only getting half of the story? Are deals being made between countries in private to guarantee Turkey's safety? We'll have some No Spin answers.

And, we've been telling you about all the Pepsi/Ludacris controversy. Wait till you hear what's happened now!! Pepsi says it will contribute to Ludacris' foundation. My, my... Why did Pepsi do it? We'll take a look at that tonight.

Plus, the Catholic Church says it won't support military action against Iraq. So how come no one from the Church is willing to appear on The Factor to explain this policy?

And later, closing arguments are being presented today in the Clara Harris trial. We'll have the latest, including shocking new allegations about the woman who had an extra-marital affair with Harris' husband.

Finally, former President Bill Clinton says one of the reasons Democrats lost so big in last year's midterm elections is because of Bill O'Reilly! Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris will give us his view of the ex-president's latest remarks.

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