Britney Spears, Joe Millionaire and Baywatch

Britney Spears, Joe Millionaire and Baywatch in The Foxlight.

The pop princess probably won't be heading to the Sundance film festival next year, at least not without Cliff's Notes -- or an interpreter for the cinematically impaired. Spears talked during some of the films on her cell phone and then complained to The New York Post that the festival was weird, the movies were weird and that you actually had to think about them when you watch them. Oh, that is asking too much.

Joe Millionaire has made his choice and we'll find out what it is on Monday. As for the ending, I want that butler to march out and give Evan a $1 million. Then he would really be Joe Millionaire.

Finally, Baywatch is being made into a movie. This is unquestionably a sign of the apocalypse. My best suggestion -- make it 3D.