Topics and Guests for February 11

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Topics and Guests for February 11:

President Bush on Monday challenged three key allies, including France, to reverse course and allow NATO to make plans to defend Turkey against Iraq. He also accused Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein of "trying to stall for time" by offering last-minute concessions.
Sen. Jon Kyl, R-AZ

The frisky musical Chicago, adapted from the stage hit about two murderous women competing for tabloid celebrity, led Academy Awards contenders Tuesday with 13 nominations, among them best picture and four acting honors.
Roger Friedman, daily gossip columnist for 411

American Idol airs tonight on Fox at 8pm… Meet some of the finalist!
Julia Demato, american idol finalist
Charles Grigsby, american idol finalist

Home fit for a dictator? Could Saddam's bunker survive today's 'bunker-busters'?
Retired Lt. Col Bill Cowan, U.S. Marines

Pope John Paul II is sending a special envoy to Baghdad trying to convice Iraqis to cooperate with U.N. inspectors and avoid war with the U.S.
Amb. Raymond Flynn, former Ambassador to the Vatican

Will Saddam order his Al-Qaeda friends to commit homicide bombings on U.S. soil?
Graham Fuller former vice-chairman of National Intelligence

Joe Millionaire: The show is down to the last two girls! Who will win?
Annabel Vered, associate editor of TV Guide
Nancy Miller, correspondent at Entertainment Weekly

The latest on Iraq…
Sen. Bill Nelson, D-FLA
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas

Are the Iraqi concessions too little too late or is it enough to stave off a likely war?
Rania Masri, Iraq Action Coalition founder
Rich Lowry, National Review editor

A post Saddam Iraq? What will be the state of Iraq be if should Saddam is ousted?
Retired Col. Scott Feil, U.S. Army

Celebrity puppy love!
Cindy Adams, NY Post gossip columnist and author of The Gift of Jazzy

White House: Will Saddam reposition military troops in civilian areas to use civilians as human shields in the event of a war?
Retired Maj. Bob Bevelacqua, U.S. Army


Fashion week 2003!
BCBG Max Azria presents his upcoming fall collection
BCBG Max Azria, women's fashion designer

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change