Topics and Guests, February 11

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Secretary of State Colin Powell: Man believed to be Usama bin Laden says he "is in partnership with Iraq" in a new statement aired on Arab television Al-Jazeera. The voice calls on Muslims throughout the world to unite behind Iraq.

Guest preview: FNC political contributor Bill Kristol and Lawrence Kaplan, senior editor of The New Republic, talk to us about on their new book, The War Over Iraq: Saddam's Tyranny and America's Mission.


• Al Qaeda poses the greatest terror threat to America, FBI Director Robert Mueller and CIA Director George Tenet tell the Senate Intelligence Committee.

• NATO struggles to find a way out of one of the worst crises in its 53-year history after France, Germany and Belgium veto plans to bolster Turkish defenses against a possible Iraqi missile attack.

• Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., a Democratic presidential candidate, will have his prostate removed Wednesday after being diagnosed with "a very early, curable" form of cancer.

• Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says uncertainties over a possible war with Iraq pose "formidable barriers" to business spending and represented the biggest cloud hanging over the nation's struggling economy.

• Israeli troops kill an armed Palestinian in the Gaza Strip, and Israel imposes a blanket closure on the Palestinian areas because of warnings of possible attacks by militants.

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