Robin Williams, Rodger Dodger, The Quiet American and Narc

Robin Williams, Rodger Dodger, The Quiet American and Narc in The Foxlight.

Robin Williams already has an Oscar, but he deserved at least another nomination for One Hour Photo. He's just another one of the Rodeo Drive robberies in Hollywood, according to the Foxlight's annual Who Shoulda Been There not-inees. Williams has tried to shake stuff like Bicentennial Man and Patch Adams, and turned in a stellar performance in Photo.

Also on the list: Campbell Scott was the lothario mentor from hell in Rodger Dodger. Every critic said it was the best thing he ever did. They just didn't say it loud enough. And no one saw the movie.

Director Phillip Noyce got edged out for the wonderful 1950s Vietnam piece The Quiet American. Michael Caine didn't give the best performance of his career without a lot of help.

I knew it didn't have a chance, but I was still rooting for Narc to get a nod. Best picture was a pipe dream, but how about Ray Liotta or Jason Patric for best or even supporting actor? This is my vote for biggest snub of the year, but I think a lot will be vindicated the day before the Oscars at The Independent Spirit Awards.

Finally, Britney Spears. Crossroads. Come on. What does she have to do?