Guests and Topics: February 11

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President Bush on Monday challenged three key allies, including France, to reverse course and allow NATO to make plans to defend Turkey against Iraq. He also accused Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein of "trying to stall for time" by offering last-minute concessions.

NATO members France, Germany and Belgium vetoed a measure that would authorize the alliance to make plans to protect Turkey in the event of attack by Iraq — against the wishes of both Turkey and the United States, which led backing of the measure.
Could France and Germany be left behind if the U.S. heads to war? Bill Bennett weighs in...

The Patriot Act passed by Congress in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks gives federal agencies sweeping new powers to stop terrorism in the planning. Now Attorney General John Ashcroft is preparing a sequel — a Patriot Act "two" and it’s causing quite a debate!
Critics are arguing that the new law means secret arrests, unsupervised use of wiretaps and new death-penalty offenses. A necessary weapon in the war on terror or an assault on our civil liberties? Taking a dramatic stand against the Patriot Act is Seattle City Council Member, Nick Licata. He’ll join the debate…

And Mona Charen discusses her new book, Useful Idiots

Should the U.S. reinstate the military draft?
Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-New York

Not everyone in Washington is blindly rallying behind the administration's cries for war.
Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Illinois

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