French Twist: Whose Side Are They On?

France, Russia and Germany called Monday for strengthened U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq, part of a diplomatic initiative that is aimed at disarming Saddam Hussein without war and is opposed by the United States.

French President Jacques Chirac, reading a joint declaration in the presence of visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Iraq's weapons capability must be neutralized as quickly as possible but that waging war to achieve the objective should be considered only as a last resort.

"Nothing today justifies a war," Chirac said. "This region really does not need another war."

French twist: Whose side are they on?

A sample of your responses:

Why is France so opposed to the liberation of Iraq? Is it because they are afraid of what will be found there when it is liberated?
Mel H.
Bayshore, NY

Perhaps Great Britain's contribution could be to invade France and slap them around for old time sake.  Just a reminder of France's true place in Europe.
Andrew O.
Waynesville, MO

I think that the opposition that France, Germany & Belgium are showing is a little more Machiavellian than just the Defence of Turkey. Turkey was promised and has long sought entry into the E.U. (European Union) but has had road blocks repeatedly put in front of it. Many Europeans have distaste at the thought of Turks being allowed into "their club". If the Turks respond badly to this snub with open animosity then maybe the "ends justify the means" and that could be a reason continue the resistance to E.U. entry.
Dana H.
Hartford, NY

The French are ONLY interested in the French. They've proven that they are wolves in sheeps clothing. But we can see them clearly, and the next time they need help, I vote we laugh... loudly, and with enthusiasm.
Eugene W.

Who cares? Let's us BOYCOTT their wines; let's BOYCOTT all their beauty products and perfumes and most important, DO NOT TRAVEL AS TOURIST TO FRANCE.
A. Bitar
Miami, FL

The French are, above all, on the side of their own interest, which can change at any time. I quote one of your yesterday's callers from New York: "They are spineless Escargot" and I totally agree! They love their little tantrums to make themselves more important than they really are - just ignore them!
Kerstin C.

Of course the French are our enemies now! It is all Lance Armstrong's fault ! He keeps whuppin 'em in their big race every year and they can't stand it! Rumor has it, this year's race will be called the Tour De Lance or Tour De Texas. They just cannot keep a good Texan down, can they President Bush? Let the French sniff their overpriced wine, and continue to whine...we have work to do!
Steve S.
High Point, NC

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