Usama bin Laden Is in Bed With Saddam Hussein

Usama bin Laden speaks. He must be giving Saddam Hussein fits. This is not exactly the best time to tell the world that he's Hussein's friend, but there you go. He did it, and we'll take it.

Beyond that, did it sound like bin Laden is still hearing those bombs go off? It sounded to me like he still has nightmares.

His claim that despite all the bombing in Afghanistan, he was able to hold his position — at least until he had to beat feet on a donkey at 10 below zero — should be of small comfort to Hussein

At least bin Laden could go hide from the B-52s in mountain caves, and could pay off warlords previously bought by the Americans to weasel his way into the mountains of Pakistan.

That isn't going to help Hussein. He will find himself surrounded, encircled in Baghdad where there won't be any mountains to run to, no caves to burrow into, no wild west tribal lands for him to hide in...

In fact, it seems bin Laden might be rooting for the infidel Americans to deliver infidel Hussein to allah to save bin Laden the trouble.

But hey, maybe I'm overthinking this. Fact is, bin Laden made the Iraq connection to Al Qaeda. While the French and Germans will no doubt see no connection at all, I think it is good enough for those people who do apply some thought process to these things.

As for bin Laden's timing... evidently his cave is so deep, he isn't getting satellite TV. Otherwise, he'd know he's contributing to the arguments advanced by his enemy. That would be us.

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