Off-the-Charts Outrageous Behavior From NATO Allies

I guess I don't get over to the continent enough. Here I've spent years and years since World War II watching World War II movies, and I must tell you — the idea that the French would one day hook up with the Germans to beat up on the Americans is just hard to get my head around, as they say in Hollywood.

The Germans and the French haven't put their idea out in diplomatic circles yet, but somebody did leak to a German magazine that these two former staunch American allies are about to propose that the U.N. send blue-helmeted U.N. peacekeepers into Iraq, essentially to protect Iraq from America.

French and German U.N. peacekeepers... the old three-birds-with-one-stone trick comes to mind.

But seriously, folks... this is unbelievable. Not only are the French and Germans opposing the U.S. — (I must say we've gotten used to at least part of that over the years) — but they're going a step further, planning to obstruct American plans. And then going a step even further by holding American Muslim ally Turkey as a hostage to that obstructionism.

The German-French idea that the U.N. should halt being the agent of change in Iraq, the agent of disarmament, but instead morph into an agent of protection of Iraq from the U.N. and its coalition of the willing is off-the-charts outrageous.

Imagine the gall.

Well... come to think of it, the French are gall. And the Germans have just had too many years of Americans protecting them. Let them face Russian tanks on their own... if the Russians would even want the place after this shocking episode.

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