My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Swept Away and Full Frontal

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Swept Away and Full Frontal in The Foxlight.

It made a big fat pile of money for Nia Vardalos who turned her stand-up comedy routine into a movie. Now My Big Fat Greek Wedding is out on the sized screen I think it was intended for -- a small one. It always played like a sitcom to The Foxlight, so maybe it'll make another $200 million on home video.

Next, no one was 'swept away' by Madonna's beach movie. The Razzie Awards call it one of the worst of last year. How bad was it? Rent it and decide. Swept Away was directed by her husband Guy Ritchie who is now getting into the reality TV biz in Britain. Nice career path.

Finally, another stinkeroo, the digital failed experiment Steven Soderbergh called Full Frontal is out on DVD and video. Lots of famous people embarrass themselves, but that's a good thing when it happens to Julia Roberts. This is the film that famously made everyone bring their own wardrobe, do their own make-up and drive themselves to and from the set. The rest of us call it acting normal.