Guests and Topics: February 10

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With more Iraqi documents and new ideas for tracking old weapons, the chief U.N. inspectors said they sense a "good beginning" and a "positive attitude" in Baghdad toward their efforts of ensuring Iraq is free of banned arms.

In their two days of talks here, however, Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei did not win immediate agreement, as expected, for U-2 reconnaissance flights over Iraq. In Washington, President Bush said there would be no more "hide-and-seek" with Iraq. Former Secretary of State, Alexander Haig joins the debate…

In anticipation of her due date Monday, a search party of 500 volunteers on Saturday combed the area near Modesto, Calif., from where a pregnant woman vanished on Christmas Eve. Searchers went on foot and horseback, and by air, using planes and helicopters. They concentrated on a canal near Modesto, where Laci, 27, lived with her husband Scott. The whereabouts of Laci, who is due to give birth to a baby boy on Monday, remain unknown. Former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman investigates the case.

A man who installed a 50-foot flag poll after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks was ticketed after a neighbor said the flag's flapping made too much noise. Ray Saelens says the sight and sound of an American flag whipping in the wind has special meaning. But the flag’s meaning for next-door neighbor, Mark Grucz was one of a flapping noise that bothered him… Saelens joins the debate!

While France and Germany continue to lead the international opposition to U.S. military action in Iraq, the antiwar movement here at home is preparing itself for a big week of protests and more demonstrations. So is the antiwar movement growing?
Jim Jennings, Conscience International

Just when you think you about Michael Jackson, there are shocking new allegations about the King of Pop's conduct. The Web site has posted what they claim is a statement made by a 13-year-old boy in 1993, alleging that he had sexual or several sexual encounters with Jackson about a decade ago. The lawsuit filed by the boy was later settled out of court, but Jackson isn't taking this sitting down. The King of Pop has again denied the boy's allegations and has promised to release video that he says debunks several of the claims made about him in a documentary that aired last week on ABC. But is the show over for Michael Jackson?
Lisa Pinto, former prosecutor
Jeralyn Merritt, defense attorney

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