Guests and Topics: February 7

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes...

Secretary of State Colin Powell told a Senate committee Thursday that Feb. 14 will be a key date in deciding Iraq's fate. That's when chief weapons inspectors will report to the U.N. Security Council after meeting with Iraqi officials this weekend.

"I think we are reaching an endgame in a matter of weeks, not a matter of months," Powell said, adding a conclusion will be reached "one way or another."

Appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to justify his department's foreign affairs budget, Powell also said that other countries should not try to confront the U.S. military because "you will end up second."
Oliver North, host of War Stories weighs in on Iraq.

Sunday, February 9th:

Dick Armey, former majority leader, R-Texas, will join the debateā€¦

And Two years ago a U.S. submarine sank a high school fisheries training vessel. Nine were killed in the Feb. 9 collision including four students and two teachers. The captain of the USS Greeneville, Cmdr. Scott Waddle will talk to Hannity & Colmes.

After the tragedy, there were strong feelings in Japan that Waddle should face a court-martial for failing to detect the Ehime Maru before his submarine surfaced rapidly in a demonstration of emergency procedures for the benefit of 16 civilians aboard. All other officers of the Greeneville also escaped courts-martial.

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