Game Over: Too Late for Overtime?

Saddam Hussein continues to defy the world, and now the world must take action immediately to stop him, President Bush said at the White House Thursday.

"The game is over. The danger Saddam Hussein poses reaches across the world," Bush said, with Secretary of State Colin Powell standing at his side.

"Saddam Hussein will be stopped," he said.

The president said he would be open to a second U.N. resolution on disarmament, following up one approved last November, but only if it led to prompt action.

Game over: Too late for overtime?

A sample of your responses:

I have a son in the Military and yes, this man has made a fool of the world for many, many, years. Threats that have been made by him, his son and their associates to not only the U.S., but, to the rest of the world, should be taken seriously and dealt with. I would hope those against the the U.S. and others that want to end this threat would wake up to the smell of death that this regime brings to that part of the world, the U.S., and the rest of the world.
Francisco G.

The Game is over and should be, we need to take Iraq, set up a democracy. Then use Iraq as our base of operations to take down, Hammas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and any of the other terrorist organizations there. Then look at Syria and Lebanon.
John M.
Galena, IL

We are already going into overtime sitting around and waiting for world "approval". This needs to be taken care of -- yesterday!
Carrie S.

I’m in the Army, and almost all I’ve talked to in the military are supportive of Bush. War is a necessary evil to combat the forces of those who wish to take away every human’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I have known and met many Arabs who have escaped their countries for the freedoms found in America. They have risked death to come here. America stands as the nation that fights for freedom; it’s what goes with being a free country.
I currently have about a dozen friends going over there, and of course, I worry that they might not be coming back. However, I know they are well-trained and ready to rid the world of a tyrant who kills with impunity and without regard to human rights. And I am proud of my friends and my fellow soldiers.
Specialist Gregory S.
Ft. Gordon, GA

Not only is the game over, but I think Saddam is out of quarters!
Buffalo, NY

Am I the only one that thinks we're already in overtime? I thought overtime started with material breach. If the rules would quit changing,the game would be over by now.
Le Roy, IL

My husband is active duty military and the opinion we have and are hearing from most, is that they would rather strike now before something happens to their families here in the United States. In other words they would rather take the fight over there instead of waiting for it to come here.
Teresa M.

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