Topics and Guests for February 6

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Topics and Guests for February 6:

One day after presenting the American case against Iraq to the U.N. Security Council, Secretary of State Colin Powell on Thursday turned his powers of persuasion toward another skeptical assembly: the United States Congress.
Sen. Pat Roberts, R-KS

The Bachelorette
Johanna Huden, columnist, NY Post
Sari Locker, relationship expert
Cynthia Sanz, senior editor, people magazine

Dissecting Powell presentation…
Jim Walsh, analyst on weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and the middle east

American Idol aired last night on FOX! How did it do in the ratings and has a "star" been found?
Lori Majewski, entertainment director at US Weekly

Powell’s proof…
John Pike, director of

Reacting to Secretary Powell's speech before the U.N.
Sen. John Sununu, R-NH

Target Iraq: What is the Arab response?
Amb. Hussein Hassouna, Arab League ambassador

Reacting to Secretary Powell's speech before the U.N.
Bill Tierney, former UN weapons inspectors

Can Germany support the U.S. position on Iraq?
Wolfgang Ischinger, German ambassador to the U.S.

Did the CIA help Powell make a case against Iraq to U.N.?
Michael Swetnam, former CIA officer

Celebrating President Ronald Reagan's 92 birthday…
John Barletta, retired secret service Reagan Ranch


The Bachelorette…
Russell, rejected suitor

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change