Shanghai Knights, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Deliver Us From Eva

Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and LL Cool J in the warm projector bulb glow of The Foxlight.

They put the punch in punchlines for Shanghai Noon and it made just enough money to reunite Jackie Chan and Owen WIlson for Shanghai Knights. The film moves the action to jolly old England where they obviously spent a lot more quid on sets and action sequences but not on the script. The last one was funnier, but this one will make more money. That's show business.

Next Kate Hudson needs a hit after The Four Feathers but can How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days win over any critics? Come to think of it Matthew McConaughey could use a little screen cred after Reign of Fire. It's not looking good for either of them, because critics think this is an eleventh way to lose an audience. It only gets a little amusing when Hudson tries intentionally to throw McConaughey off the scent. Otherwise, these two are still waiting for something better to come along -- script-wise.

Finally, Deliver Us From Eva is exactly how reviews feel. LL Cool J is a player hired by three guys to distract their "evil" sister-in-law. If this sounds an awful lot like 2001's The Brothers, guess what -- this one is written and directed by the same guy. Which means a Xerox machine should get a writing credit in this thing.