The North Koreans Are Absolute Whack Jobs

The North Koreans are absolute whack jobs. As of now, there can be no doubt.

Here's the situation... the North Koreans have said they would make a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S. That would be on the U.S. military in the DMZ (unless they've figured out how to pack a nuke on a fishing boat and put it through the Golden Gate).

The North Koreans are now warning President Bush that he isn't the only one who can use a pre-emptive strike, if it seems one is required. So they just might attack us.

What's at stake here is South Korea. As difficult as they have been lately, nobody wants to see the North Koreans destroy Seoul in about two minutes, which they could do.

Consequently, President Bush has been saying that the North Korean problem can be solved diplomatically, even though he included the country in the axis of evil and said he loathed Kim Jong Il.

However, what the North Koreans don't seem to understand is that now that they have a nuke bomb, they have deterrence. If you have deterrence, you don't need to worry so much about an attack.

So it doesn't make sense to say you're going to attack just because you think you might be attacked and have a nuke. The nuke is what keeps others from attacking.

What this is about is Kim Jong Il is embarrassed about the president saying he loathed him, and he's trying to make life difficult in Bush's Iraq moment... and he wants money and oil and goodies.

This is an extortion game, pure and simple. We'll probably have to pay the creep off to go away.

This is why we don't want Saddam to get the bomb.

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