Guests and Topics: February 6

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As Secretary of State Colin Powell sat before a Senate committee Thursday, justifying his department's foreign affairs budget, U.S. lawmakers voiced confidence in his ability to handle the delicate situation in Iraq as diplomatically as possible. Larry Johnson, intelligence analyst and former CIA officer weighs in.

And Texas Congressman, Rev. Silvestre Reyes on troops assembled in the Middle East.

Also... The woman accused of running over her adulterous husband with her Mercedes calmly described their disintegrating relationship to jurors Wednesday, saying she was moved to slap her "best friend" when she learned how far he had strayed. We'll have the latest in the case.

Plus Michael Jackson said Thursday a TV documentary about him was unfair and he felt "more betrayed than perhaps ever before" by the program, in which the King of Pop revealed he sometimes lets children sleep in his bed. In a statement issued by his London representative, Jackson said British journalist Martin Bashir broke the trust placed in him. Should Jackson be in jail?

And Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss has done her time behind bars for running a celebrity call girl ring… She tells Bill O'Reilly how it changed her and what she’s up to now!

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