U.N.-Determined: Ears Open, or Mind Closed?

The United States, trying to garner U.N. support for military action if it's needed to oust the Iraqi dictator, will hand over evidence to the U.N. Security Council showing that Iraq has hidden large caches of banned weapons from international inspectors and defied calls on it to disarm.

The evidence is expected to include transcripts and possibly recordings of intercepted conversations of Iraqi officials discussing the country's weapons programs. There probably also will be images taken by satellites of suspected biological weapons labs, officials said.

Powell's report also is expected to indicate that Iraqi officials had advance knowledge where U.N. weapons inspectors were going to look, in line with a recent report from the British government that said Iraqi intelligence had bugged inspectors' telephones and hotel and conference rooms.

U.N.-determined: Ears open, or mind closed?

A sample of your responses:

If the US acts unilaterally without the UN, what does that say about the future of the UN? Will it finally show the futility of the UN?
Phil R.
Oakland, TN

The UN is of no good to us, and because we are the largest financial support of this organization it's sucking in our taxdollars that could be better used someplace yet.
Burton, MI

The U.N. suffers from a extereme case of cranial rectal inversion
Bob P.
Liberty, IL

The UN Security Council is generally as inept as the weapons inspectors from the 1990s and those now.  If Hans Blix cannot perceive that the United States and Great Britain are more intelligent than to disclose intelligence on knowledge of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq so that he or his "inspector" cronies can leak them to Saddam then he is as idiotic as most of us already think.
Levi S.

The U.N. has pre-determined that everything is OK in Iraq. Well nothing is OK if you can't find OK. OK meaning All Clear.
Paul W.

Colin Powell may convince a few more key members,but I think this is more an attempt to explain our reasons for military action.
San Jose, CA

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