Buckle up because it's going to be a bumpy ride…

It's clear that's what we're in for now that we've had a day to think about what Colin Powell had to say before the U.N. Security Council.

For one thing, if by some perverse sequence of entirely unanticipated events we did not go to war against Iraq, then be ready for some nasty stuff from those Al Qaeda guys Saddam Hussein has been allowing to cook up poisons in northern Iraq.

If somehow the world becomes French-ified and there is no action to remove Saddam from power, the Al Qaedas will have a new Afghanistan from which to operate with impunity.

But beyond that — assuming there is going to be a military strike — does anybody believe that Saddam is not going to retaliate with chemical and biological weapons?

Now that we've seen the great lengths he goes to hiding this stuff, you have to ask, "What's he saving it for?"

Well, he's not saving it for the Germans. He has to keep them alive so he has somebody in the West sticking up for him.

He's going to use that stuff on U.S. troops, on his neighbors who have quietly helped the U.S., and on Israel.

The weapons inspectors are never going to find these chemical and biological weapons because Saddam needs them, and he can't let them fall into the hands of people who — in his view — would simply waste good weapons by destroying them.

We're going to eventually see that stuff, and it's going to be incoming.

That's what it means to be stuck between Iraq and a hard place.

I hope our military is ready and I hope Tom Ridge's Homeland Security Department is ready.

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