Powell's Proof: Make Up, or Wake Up?

President Bush is intensifying pressure on Iraq's Saddam Hussein, warning him that time is short for peaceful disarmament and conferring with the United States' most like-minded ally.

Amid the frenzied, administration-wide diplomatic push, continuing Friday with a pivotal Camp David summit between Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, criticism mounted on Capitol Hill and abroad.

On Thursday, Bush administration officials cautioned there was no firm deadline for when talks with allies would cease and the president would make a decision on war.

But the administration's timetable of "weeks, not months" -- uttered by Bush and administration officials throughout the day -- was given some specificity. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the administration envisions a diplomatic window of "a couple of weeks" -- which would coincide with the Feb. 14 report due to the U.N. Security Council from weapons inspectors combing Iraq for the banned nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs Bush says Saddam has.

Powell's proof: Make up, or wake up?

A sample of your responses:

I find it appalling that people are basically questioning whether or not our government is more trustworthy than that of Saddam Hussein.  Although I believe that no amount of proof is going to sway some people.  Thank God they're not running our government.
Doug B.
San Diego, CA

It's time for the world, including the "peaceniks" in our own country, to wake up and smell the coffee!
Kelly L.

I think its time to wake up! When Colen Powell goes to the U.N. on Feb. 5th and gives the security counsil the evidence we have, I think the world will wake up to war in Iraq.
Edison, NJ

I think that all of the administrations actions are part of a carefully timed series of actions, including the appearance of Colin Powell's change of opinion.  All of which are leading up to the war on Iraq, and make no mistake, we will attack when the military is ready, not when the UN says it is ok.  This is the burden that the US has to bear, as one of the few countries left with moral responsibility.
Shelley V.
Fulton, MO

Powell is a SERIOUS man; I don't think he WOULD make up anything.  I give him WAY MORE credibility than Iraq stooges!  It is time for people to wake up, but 70% of Americans are awake (courtesy O'Reilly).  Powell was not asleep; he was super cautious:  all the more proof of how serious he is.  Remember that Bush doesn't like or have yes men.  He has ABLE, THINKING people influencing his decisions.
Robin H.
Benton, AR

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