Guests and Topics: February 4

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Space shuttle Columbia may have been doomed from the start. NASA engineers are focusing on the theory that a flyaway chunk of insulation broke off from the shuttle's external fuel tank during liftoff, severely damaged several thermal tiles on the underside of the shuttle's left wing.

If that theory is correct, then there was nothing NASA could do to prevent the shuttle from breaking up and killing the seven astronauts aboard when it reentered the Earth's atmosphere 16 days later. June Scobee, wife of Challenger crewman and a pastor working with families Steve Wriggle joins the show tonight…

And Jeremy Glick the editor of, Another World is Possible whose father was killed in the 9/11 attacks joins The Factor. He’ll talk about Not in Our Name, an organization that is against the war.

Plus Eric Alterman, the author of What Liberal Media?

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