Topics and Guests for February 3

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Topics and Guests for February 3:

Temperatures on space shuttle Columbia's left side suddenly shot up during its doomed re-entry, NASA officials said Sunday, adding that the spacecraft was also knocked around by greater wind resistance than it would normally have encountered.Remembering the astronauts…
Modi Rosenfeld, close family friend of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon

This Wednesday Powell speaks to the UN Security Council, what does he need to do to make his case? How much is at stake, if the U.S. is willing to act alone?
Sen. Richard Lugar, R-IN

Shuttle Columbia: What went wrong?
Bill Readdy, associate administrator for space flight at NASA

Shuttle Columbia: See some home video of astronauts…
Steve Riggle, senior Pastor at Grace Community Church

Can Iraq become America's 51st state—post Saddam?
James Fallows, national correspondent for Atlantic Monthly

Shuttle Columbia: What went wrong?
Alan Ladwig, former associate administrator at NASA

Maxim magazine's fourth annual swimsuit special. We’ll give you a peek at the seven barely dressed supermodels on the island of Mustique!
James Heidenry, features editor at Maxim magazine

Iraq will inflict massive casualties on American troops if the United States launches an invasion to topple Saddam Hussein, a senior Iraqi legislator declared Monday.
Lt. Col. Michael Butters, USMC

Shuttle Columbia: What went wrong?
Col. Donald Peterson, retired USAF and former astronaut

Target Iraq: United we stand? European support for the American position on Iraq seems to be growing, despite France and Germany's frustrations.
Martin Wagner, correspondent for German public radio
Philippe Bolopion, Radio France International

Is Iraq planning a pre-emptive strike against the U.S.?
Bill Gertz, defense and national security reporter for the Washington Times and a FOX News contributor

Shuttle Columbia: What went wrong? Do the clues lie in the craft's last minutes and the rain of debris.
Jeff Kluger co-author of Lost Moon: the Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change