Topics and Guests for February 3

Temperatures on space shuttle Columbia's left side suddenly shot up during its doomed re-entry, NASA officials said Sunday, adding that the spacecraft was also knocked around by greater wind resistance than it would normally have encountered.

Could the shuttle tragedy have been prevented? We'll have a complete report from our FOX News team.

Plus, we'll get reaction to the disaster from a member of the NASA family, former astronaut Harrison Schmitt -- a member of the Apollo 17 mission.

The Russian space agency announces that it will suspend sending tourists to the International Space Station. We'll get reaction from Dennis Tito, the American millionaire who paid $20 million to become the first space tourist in April 2001.

Molly de Ramel looks at the companies who supply, innovate and fuel the space program and what happens to them next.

We'll assess the fallout on those companies that rely so heavily on the space industry with FOX Business News contributor Hilary Kramer; Prudential Financial's Michelle Girard and Capitalist Pig Asset Management's Jonathan Hoenig.

Plus, it's not a good time to get sick in New Jersey. Protesting spiraling malpractice insurance costs, New Jersey doctors are ready to strike. We'll hash out the details with Dr. Irvin Bonder, urologist; Dr. John Poole, surgeon and Dr. Jennifer Waxler, E.R. physician.

We'll have those stories and more, today on Your World w/Cavuto!

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