Guests and Topics: February 3

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One California-based Internet designer, wants Rush Limbaugh off the air… Michael Stinson group is called Take Back the Media. Find out why he has organized a boycott against 24 companies who advertise on Limbaugh's daily show that is heard by about 20 million people on more than 600 radio stations.

One mother in California is accused of killing her 3-month old son with her own breast milk. Prosecutors say that Amy Prien took methamphetamines while nursing her son Jacob. The baby died from an overdose of the drug, and Prien was charged with second-degree murder. The details on that story and...

We’ll introduce you to a man who is facing jail time for protecting his family against an intruder. Ronald Dixon used a firearm to shoot a man who broke into his son's bedroom. Dixon bought the gun legally and was fully in the process of getting it registered. Hear from Ron Dixon and his attorney Andrew Friedman.

Brad Dacus from the Pacific Legal Institute on the Leftist Hall of Shame 2002…

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