Guests and Topics: January 31

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Nelson Mandela, a man who is a hero to many, calls President Bush arrogant and shortsighted in an address to the International Women's Forum in Johannesburg on Thursday, January 30. The former South African President also implied that President Bush was racist for ignoring the United Nations as the United States prepares for a possible military strike against Iraq. Say what?! What's this all about?!

We'll have a special look at the situation in South African and also hear from a Mandela supporter.

Then, we'll turn our attention to the search for Laci Peterson. The Modesto mother-to-be has been missing for more than a month. Her husband has spoken out on national television for the first time this week. With all the new developments in the case are police any closer to solving the mystery of Laci's disappearance?

Also, is actor George Clooney's career tanking because of this politics?

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