DVD for 8 Mile Will Have New Trash Talk

Extra features on the DVD release of 8 Mile won't be slim, but they will be shady.

The Eminem hip-hop drama, set to debut on home video March 18, will include five new "rap battles" between the star and other performers as they trash-talk each other with rhyming profanity and insults.

Viewers can choose to watch the sequences in censored or uncensored formats, Universal Studios Home Video said Thursday.

An exclusive video of Eminem's "Superman" song will also be included on the DVD. Filled with sexist slurs and bitter humor, the track from his Grammy-nominated album, The Eminem Show, is about wooing women for sex with empty promises and then cruelly dismissing them.

Eminem, whose stage name is derived from the initials of his real name, Marshall Mathers, frequently raps in the guise of his fictional alter-ego, Slim Shady, who delights in brutality and wickedness.

Directed by L.A. Confidential filmmaker Curtis Hanson, 8 Mile chronicles an amateur rapper's frustrations with stage fright and his family's poverty. The film collected nearly $116 million at the domestic box office.

The Eminem Show, released in late May, was last year's best-selling album with more than 7.4 million copies sold. The performer's work on the album is up for five Grammy nominations Feb. 23, including album of the year and best rap album.

His other recent CD, the soundtrack to 8 Mile, was the fifth-highest selling of the year, with more than 3.2 million copies sold. The video to his single "Lose Yourself" from the soundtrack, however, will not be included in the DVD.