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The Weight Is Over

Two out of three Americans are officially overweight, and yet there’s an all-you-can-read smorgasbord of diet and weight-reduction solutions bulging off the bookstore shelves. 

We'll sort out the glut of gimmick exercise plans and diets du jour and put three average people on three of the most popular diet/exercise plans to see who will be the most successful at losing weight. 

Here, the big loser will be the winner.

Heather Nauert reports.

Cruel Intentions

When little seven-year-old Hannah Milbrandt's mother told her she was suffering from leukemia, the compassionate small town of Urbana, Ohio opened their hearts and emptied their wallets to help pay for cancer treatments. 

Hannah would come to school with no hair on her head and a surgical mask to protect her immune system, but when teachers at school saw stubble on the little girl’s head, they realized her hair had not fallen out — it had been shaved off. 

There was no deadly disease — just a diabolical deception allegedly masterminded by Hannah's mother who is now under arrest and charged with pocketing her neighbors’ donations of mercy. 

Think this is too twisted and warped not to be an isolated incident? Think again. The same thing happened in Tulsa. Okla. seven years ago.

Eric Shawn reports.

Secrets of Joe Millionaire

Evan Marriott's not a millionaire, but he plays one on television. You know him as the star of the FOX hit series Joe Millionaire.

This Los Angeles-based, real-life construction worker has eligible single women falling for him like.... well... a ton of bricks. (0f course, they all think he’s independently wealthy.)

Evan’s instant stardom has spawned more than the standard amount of rumors about who he really is. We'll dig deep for the goods on the pauper who's masquerading as a primetime prince in an exclusive interview with his family in Virginia Beach, Va.

Kit Hoover reports.