Guests and Topics: January 30

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As President Bush considered setting a deadline for Iraq to disarm, he closed ranks with international allies who support his hard line against Baghdad.

Bush engaged in a series of last-minute pow-wows with world leaders as he prepared to send Secretary of State Colin Powell to the United Nations next Wednesday.

Powell will present the Security Council with what the White House calls irrefutable evidence that Iraq does in fact possess banned weapons of mass destruction. Former Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts will join the debate.

Police in Reno, Nev., found and were questioning the stepfather of 3-year-old Reno boy abandoned at a Salt Lake City department store. Lyle Montgomery, believed to be the man who abandoned the boy, was found at his home Wednesday night, said Reno police Lt. Ron Holladay. The boy's mother, Jeannette Acord, was still missing. 
Carol Sisco from the Utah Dept. of Human Services will have the latest in the case…

President Bush headed to Michigan Wednesday to promote the elements of his Medicare proposal, which would enable elderly participants to receive prescription drug benefits through a private-public partnership.
Art Linkletter from the United Seniors Association weighs in on Bush’s plan.

Do liberals use smear tactics against conservatives as a means of silencing opposition and opponents' thought?
Tammy Bruce, author of New Thought Police

How exposed are America's nuclear facilities to possible espionage and terrorist attacks? Notra Trulock, Kindred Spirits author

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