Guests and Topics: January 29

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The polls have it... The latest polls, conducted after President Bush's State of the Union address, reveal that Americans are overwhelming convinced on Iraq. The numbers show strong support for the president. So what will it mean for the Democrats? We'll bring you an analysis of how the opposition sees the president's policies when Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics sits down with us.

Plus, how will the United States pay for everything President Bush proposed last night in his speech? Will the country go broke? We'll have some No Spin analysis of that question for you when Economic Analyst Jim Rogers joins us in the Zone.

Also, we'll hear from both sides in the debate over weapons inpectors, Saddam Hussein and the fate of Iraq and its people.

Then, lots of drama at the Texas trial of Clara Hill, the Houston area dentist who is accused of killing her husband with her Mercedes after she caught him with another woman. We'll have the latest for you.

And later, our neighbor to the North, Canada, says it is skeptical of any military action against Iraq. We'll talk with Canada's Consul General Pamela Wallin this evening.

Finally, Scott Peterson, the husband of the missing mother-to-be in Modesto, California, breaks down on camera. We'll tell you about it.

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