Topics and Guests for January 28

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Where is Laci Peterson?

The missing Modesto mother-to-be's husband Scott says he told his pregnant wife about his affair with another woman and she accepted it. He also told ABC's Diana Sawyer this morning that he did not murder his wife and he hopes to find her alive.

Did Scott Peterson damage his case or exonerate himself by his appearance on Good Morning America this morning? We'll ask our legal roundtable of experts including former prosecutor Bernie Grimm  and criminal defense attorney Gloria Allred.

Plus, does Scott Peterson's alibi match the evidence? We'll ask John Yoshida the director of the crime lab where secret evidence in the Peterson case is being analyzed, retired Medical Examiner investigator Dan Matticks, who is now a professor of Forensic Science and Criminal Justice at San Diego State University and former FBI Agent and crime scene investigator Joe Del Campo.

Finally, we'll hear from two journalists who have been on the ground in Modesto covering Laci's disappearance, we'll be joined Henry Lee from The San Francisco Chronicle and Ted Rowland from our FOX affiliate KTVU.

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