Topics and Guests for January 23

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Topics and Guests for January 23:

There are growing differences between the U.S. and the U.N. on the question of military action against Iraq. Can the U.S. act without U.N. support? And a new poll released yesterday shows weakening support for war with Iraq? Can these numbers be trusted?
Sen. Jon Corzine, D-NJ
Sen. George Allen, R-Virginia


The alleged murder and co-defendant in the Bonny Lee Bakley murder case is deposed on tape. Bakley family attorney attempted to tape a deposition with Earl Caldwell yesterday.
Eric Dubin, Bonny Lee Bakley family attorney

The Bachelorette aired last night on ABC!
E. Jean Carroll, co-founder of
Annabel Vered, associate editor of TV Guide

For the first time, President Bush links the Ricin arrests to Al Qaeda. Is this the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda?
Michael Swetnam, former CIA officer

Jury selection got under way Tuesday for the trial of a dentist accused of killing her husband by running him down in a hotel parking lot with her Mercedes-Benz following a confrontation with him and his alleged mistress. Clara Harris, 44, could face life in prison if convicted of killing her orthodontist husband, David Harris, 44, in July.
Nelda Luce Blair, former Texas prosecutor
Richard Wheelan, criminal defense attorney

We’ll talk to the star of the new movie Max…
John Cusack, actor

What does the Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz speech mean for the military?
Retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis,
 U.S. Army

Daisy Fuentes hosts Slim Down America 2003! It’s an event focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.
Daisy Fuentes, actress, host and model

The United States formally asked for NATO limited help Wednesday in case of war with Iraq. NATO officials said ambassadors from the other 18 alliance nations discussed proposals based on those presented to the allies informally last month by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.
Jed Babbin, former deputy undersecretary of defense

The Surreal Life is on the WB on Thursdays… We’ll talk to one of the "roommates"
Vince Neil, celebrity roommate and lead singer of Motley Crue

France and Germany block NATO decision on lending support to U.S. in Iraq
Amb. Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO

CIA places newspaper recruitment ads in five major U.S. cities…
Robert Rebelo, chief of CIA recruitment center

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change