Guests and Topics: January 27

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At the United Nations headquarters in New York, U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix issued a toughly worded assessment of Iraq's performance over the past two months today saying Baghdad had not genuinely accepted the U.N. resolution demanding that it disarm.

So now what? Even Hans Blix says Saddam Hussein is not cooperating. Should the U.S. give him yet another chance before going to war? We'll ask two former U.N.weapons inspectors to give us their analysis of the situation. We'll be joined by Tim Trevan in the United States and Olivia Bosch from London.

Then, a huge ad in today's New York Times  compares the 9/11 terror attacks to the Persian Gulf War! And it is signed by some of Hollywood names you surely know. Are these entertainers un-American for lending their name to this ad?  from the anti-war group "Not in Our Name" urges readers to sign "a statement of conscience against war and repression."

And why did it look like a war in Oakland after the Super Bowl ended? This isn't the first time this has happened in Oakland... Why is this city so out of control? We'll ask former Los Angeles Chief of Police Daryl Gates.

Plus, speaking of California, where is Laci Peterson? Is the husband of the missing Modesto mother-to-be starting to emerge as the prime suspect in the case? What's Laci's family going through as the search continues? We'll have the latest.

And later, as The Factor moves along... a special interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about SUVs and the environment. Kennedy is a spokesperson for the Detroit Project which recently launched a series of ads aimed at Americans who drive SUVs.

Finally, you won't believe this Personal Story... Meet Diane Hignutt who was once a man married to a woman. Through surgery, Ms. Hignutt has now become a woman--but she is still married to the same person... And she says her marriage is stronger than ever! How's that again? We'll talk with Ms. Hignutt this evening.

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