Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Osbournes and American Idol in The Foxlight.

Confessions went wide this past weekend, but audiences "gonged" it. Maybe this is another Auto Focus. Audiences may feel the same indifference towards Chuck Barris that they did toward Bob Crane. Director George Clooney says it doesn't matter.

Clooney: I can't be concerned with whether the movies work, box office or not because the trick is to try to do films that you think are good and do them until they take all their toys away. And they will. They always do.

Ratings are down for The Osbournes and now the family that's too cool for regular TV has sold out to Pepsi. The Super Bowl commercial was sort of funny but no thanks to Ozzy who had a lame line to his kids about their magic powers. Ozzy, if you're going to sell out, get better writers.

Finally, does American Idol really have any right to get someone out of going to war? One Idol hopeful, who is a Marine, has gotten permission to defer his tour of duty while he performs on the reality show. It may be a publicity stunt that backfires on the producers when veterans start singing the blues.