Topics and Guests for January 23

Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta!

Authorities in Modesto, California are still searching for missing mother-to-be Laci Peterson. Could they possibly still find her in time? What kind of odds are police facing? How is Laci's family holding up? What about her husband's family?

We'll have complete coverage for you this evening and we'll speak with one of the reporters who has been following this story very closely, John South from The National Enquirer.

Plus, we'll speak with attorneys Mark Geragos and Bernie Grimm about the situation and the accusations that continue to dog Scott Peterson. Should he be seeking the advice of a lawyer?

Then, we'll shift our focus to disarming Saddam. The Democrats are calling for more time for UN weapons inspectors to do their work in Iraq. But is that just a fatal mistake? We'll hear from both sides when Democratic strategist Victor Kamber and The National Review's Rich Lowry join us.

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